Title 1 Information 2022/2023

Parent and Family Engagement Policy 

Movement School believes that a student’s education is a shared responsibility between the school, parents, and community. The faculty, staff, and administration at Movement school understand that strong parent partnerships are the key to children’s academic, behavioral and emotional success at school. At Movement School we welcome parent and community involvement and commit to building strong relationships with these stakeholders to increase the achievement of all students. This parental engagement policy will support a more consistent and pervasive way to communicate with and meaningfully engagement stakeholders for the benefit of all students who attend Movement School.

Movement school will use the definition from the American Psychological Association as their definition of Parent Engagement. “Parent engagement in schools is defined as parents and school staff working together to support and improve the learning, development and health of children and adolescents.” (2019)

At Movement School agrees to implement the following strategies:

  • Movement Charter School will host an annual Back to School Night which will incorporate an annual Title I meeting in the school to provide information to parents, family members, and community members about the school.
  • Movement Charter School will provide parents of participating children with a description and explanation of the curriculum in use at the school, the forms of academic assessment used to measure student progress, and the proficiency levels students are expected through curriculum night and parent teacher conferences.
  • Notifying parents of and clearly posting on the school’s website the NC School Report Card Data
  • Notify parents of meetings, events, programming and opportunities for feedback through newsletters, communication apps (Remind, Classdojo), social media, and website postings.
  • Conduct Commitment to Excellence meetings with all returning incoming parents to assist families with understanding Kindergarten expectations, curriculum, and resources available to their family.
  • Host a minimum of 4 Parent Engagement events centered around meeting the needs of families we serve.
  • Having all parties involved sign a Principal/Teacher/Parent/Student Compact stating how each will contribute to ensuring the student’s achievement.

At Movement School we are committed to helping students be successful in life. Through strengthening our relationships with the family and community we are assisting our students to be successful far beyond the classroom.

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