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Title IX Sexual Harassment

Prohibited Conduct and Reporting Process Policy I. Purpose The Board prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex, including any form of sexual harassment as that term is defined under Title IX, in any education program or activity of the School. The Board takes seriously all reports and Formal Complaints of sexual harassment. The School does […]

Movement Schools Nondiscrimination Statement

Movement Schools prohibit unlawful discrimination, harassment, or bullying, including on the basis of race; color; religion; ancestry; national origin; sex (including gender, gender identity, and sexual orientation); socioeconomic status; academic status; physical appearance; pregnancy or childbirth; age (over 40); mental, physical, development, or sensory disability; or by association with a person who has or is […]

Internet Safety Policy For Movement Schools

Introduction Internet Safety Policy For Movement Schools It is the policy of Movement Schools to: (a) prevent user access over its computer network to, or transmission of, inappropriate material via Internet, electronic mail, or other forms of direct electronic communications; (b) prevent unauthorized access and other unlawful online activity; (c) prevent unauthorized online disclosure, use, […]

Medical Center

North Carolina law requires all children in the state to receive certain immunizations.  Records are checked when children enter school or child care. Kindergartener Health Form and Immunization Requirements North Carolina Health Assessment (must use this form) Vaccine Requirements (Required Before School Entry) Diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis: 5 doses Polio: 4 doses Measles: 2 doses Mumps: […]

Title 1 Information 2022/2023

Family Engagement Policy  Movement School believes that a student’s education is a shared responsibility between the school, parents, and community. The faculty, staff, and administration at Movement school understand that strong parent partnerships are the key to children’s academic, behavioral and emotional success at school. At Movement School we welcome parent and community involvement and […]

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