Local Wellness Policy

Movement Charter School is committed to providing school environments that promote and protect children’s health and well-being, reduce childhood obesity, and enhance students’ ability to learn by supporting healthy eating, physical activity, and the development of lifelong wellness practices. To further these goals, and in compliance with federal and North Carolina statues and North Carolina Board of Education requirements, the Board requires the following:

Student Wellness

All Movement Charter School students will have the opportunity, support, and encouragement to be physically active on a regular basis. Movement Charter School will comply with the requirements of the North Carolina Board of Education policy HSP-S-000 that requires a minimum of 30 minutes of vigorous physical activity for all students in grades K – 8.

  • Movement Charter School will provide nutrition education to foster lifelong habits of healthy eating through its Healthful Living curriculum offered during Health and Physical Education Class.
  • Movement Charter School will meet the nutrition standards established by the State Board of Education for school meals.
  • Movement Charter School will assure that students in elementary schools do not have access to snack products from vending machines.
  • Movement Charter School will encourage parents to bring healthy snacks and water for all parties and events.

Student Nutrition

It is the policy of Movement Charter School to provide nutritious meals through participation in School Nutrition Program.  To accomplish these goals:

  • School Nutrition Program will comply with all applicable federal, state and local requirements.
  • Movement Charter School will provide nutritious breakfast and lunches.
  • Meals will be made accessible to all students.
  • Students will be encouraged to participate in the School Nutrition Program.
  • Identity of students receiving free and reduced-priced meals will be protected.
  • Menus for each month will be provided to parents.
  • The school will students have a clean and safe meal environment.
  • Students will have adequate time to eat their meals.
  • Students will not have access to vending machines.
  • Students and parents will be encouraged to bring healthy snacks for snacks and parties.

The school director will ensure this policy is implemented, complied with and will annual evaluate the program.  The school director will update the school board annually after an annual review has been conducted. Any significant findings shall be reported to the board immediately.

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